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Playing NZ Golf Cross

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The Game Of GolfCross®

GolfCross® goal–golf is played over a course just like golf, using the same clubs and the same rules. Only two things are different — the shape of the target and the shape of the ball. Because of its aerodynamic complexity, the oval ball is easier to control and can be made to fly straight or curve simply by adjusting its position. Oval GolfCross® balls are available from the GolfCross® On–line Shop.
Ball Spin

Why The Oval Ball Flies Straight

When positioned vertically,the oval ball is almost impossible to hook or slice because it has two axes of spin. Slicing your club across the face of the ball has no effect because the sideways spin that results is immediately counteracted by the ball’s simultaneous tumbling spin. As seen below, each half revolution the ball makes as it tumbles through the air, reverses the direction of the sideways spin that causes a round golf ball to curve.

Why It Can Fly Round Corners

The GolfCross® ball will curve in a pre–set direction because once it has been set spinning on a particular axis it maintains its angle of orientation in space in the same way as a spinning gyroscope or frisbee. If the ball’s angle of rotation is leaning over to one side then it will curve round to that side.
Tee Cup

The Tee Cup

Because the flight of the ball is controlled by the way you position it, a rubber tee cup has been developed to hold the ball at any number of different angles when teeing off. If local rules permit, it may also be used on the fairway. The cup may be used on its own or stretched over a regular tee after pushing the tee’s sharp end through the bottom of the cup.
Tee Cup with ball

Basic ball positions

How the oval ball flies through the air is determined not so much by how you hit it but by how you position it before you hit it. Once you’ve learnt the five basic positions common sense will tell you how best to position the ball in various playing situations.

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Ball | Basic Shots | Interactive Diagram

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