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A press release is available in the New and Reviews section of this site.

Shown below are thumbnails of the images that are available for use by the Press.
Click on the thumbnail to view the image at a larger size — the larger image will open in a new window.

All images copyright 2001 Conclusion Trust.

Use of these images is free for bona fide media publications under the following conditions:
1. Images may not be republished on the web without permission in writing.
2. Images may not be used for television transmission without permission in writing.
3. Images may not be used for advertising purposes.
4. All images must be attributed to Burton Silver.
5. Two copies of any publication using these images must be sent to:
The Publications Director
Origination Press
487 Karaka Bay Road
Wellington, 6003
New Zealand
Fax: 64 4 3883 759

To obtain access to print suitable, high resolution versions of the images (TIFF or EPS at 300 or 350 dpi), please register using the form provided. You may then download the images directly or request a CD containing the images to be sent to you. To request the CD, please select the appropriate option in the registration form.
The CD is in ISO format and so can be used with both Windows and Macintosh computers.

The Images

1. The GolfCross® logo
2. GolfCross® at Braemar Station on the shores of lake Pukaki with Mount Cook, New Zealand’s highest mountain, in the background
3. Trying for a field goal at the par four 7th. Braemar Station
4. Round and oval ball compared
5. Teenagers are taught how to position the oval ball
6. The world’s first oval golf balls. GolfCross® ball designs 1989–1997
7. A collection of oval golf balls
8. To make the ball fly right you angle it to the right
9. Fades, draws, and controlled slices and hooks are easily achieved by angling the ball
10. Shooting for goal on a New Zealand farm GolfCross® course
11. A specially designed tee cup is used to hold the ball at the desired angle
12. A “fun” goal set up as part of a temporary seaside course
13. Goaling out on a sheep grazed GolfCross® course in the North Island of New Zealand
14. Burton Silver, creator of the oval golf ball, testing one in his Wellington workshop
15. Burton Silver with the tee cup, specially designed to hold the oval ball at an angle
16. The oval GolfCross® Ball
17. A difficult shot from behind the goal
18. A long shot
19. The oval golf ball on the fairway

For any further information please email us at or fax us on 64 4 3883 759.

This web site provides information on:
— the game of GolfCross® including its history and a profile of its inventor
— the oval ball, including hitting the ball and an interactive diagram
— the rules and etiquette of GolfCross® and some of the terms used
tips on playing the game and answers to frequently asked questions
setting up a GolfCross® course and how to register interest in a franchise
— three courses in New ZealandNgawaro, Station Bush, Braemar Station
GolfCross® in the media

Images | Register

The Game  | The Ball  | History  | Terms  | Rules  | FAQ  | Tips
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