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Setting up your own GolfCross Course

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A limited number of opportunities exist for people who wish to set up GolfCross®golf courses in exceptional locations or on existing golf courses.

Patents and registered trademarks protect the game of GolfCross® goal and the oval golf ball.

A nine-goal GolfCross® course requires a minimum of 50 acres of land endowed with natural features such as mature trees, water and interesting undulating terrain. The equipment supplied for a course includes 10 goals (one for the practice area), yard markers, special oval tee markers, signage and course cards. Course design and installation is undertaken by our trained team.

Transporting goals
Goals, which are made of aluminium,
nylon and fiberglass are very light
and once erected can be easily
transported to their sites.

The Goals

The GolfCross® goals were developed and modified over several years of extensive testing in extreme locations. Their specialized fiberglass, nylon and stainless steel construction ensures they are able to withstand high winds and snow falls which allow courses to be sited in beautiful regions that experience extremes of climate.

The Oval Golf Ball

The ease of being able to apply backspin to the oval ball, even with a driver, enables the average golfer to achieve exceptional control on hard, drought-affected fairways which in turn allows dry yet dramatic wilderness areas to be utilized as GolfCross® goalf courses. A GolfCross® goalf course can also be located on an existing golf course and played side by side with regular golf or set up on unused acreage adjoining a course. In colder climates, where courses need to be closed for several months during the winter because of nil grass growth on the greens, GolfCross® goals sited near the greens can offer an interesting way of keeping the course open.
A 'fun' goal
A “fun” goal set up as part
of a temporary seaside course

Flexibility of course design

The predicability of the oval balls flight and the 10%—15% difference in distance means more flexible land utilization. Fairways can be shorter and narrower so that otherwise unsuitable land can be brought into use.

Another benefit of the GolfCross® goalf course is that it’s not a static entity. Once set up, there’s always ample scope to change it around if it’s not working as well as it might. Goals can be easily shifted and yards reshaped simply by repositioning yard markers.

Additionally, the course designer is assisted by being able to alter the shape of the yard and the facing position of the goal. These two variables alone provide a rich array of strategic options with which to challenge the player. Better still, because the goals are readily shifted and the yards quickly reshaped, designers are able to take risks and experiment with unconventional layouts, knowing that they can be easily changed if they’re not working.

It’s this flexibility that makes a GolfCross® goalf course so simple and cheap to establish. There are no expensive greens to construct and maintain and fairways only need to be mown low enough to ensure that the ball can be seen. This means a GolfCross® goalf course can be sited almost anywhere — even temporarily — with minimal effect on the environment.

Lower Costs

GolfCross® offers savings in development and operating expenditure. With no expensive greens to set up or maintain there are very low upkeep costs. This even makes it viable to set up a course in a dramatic coastal setting or in a public park or a wilderness area for a one-off weekend competition.
Setting up goals
The goals are delivered folded up and
a set of 9 can easily be erected in a day

Environmentally friendly

GolfCross® is environmentally friendly. Not having to maintain greens means not having to use fertilizers, fungicides, herbicides, insecticides, and not having to irrigate greens or fairways means a huge saving of water. With one-off competitions in environmentally protected or sensitive areas the impact is negligible. When a tournament is over, the holes can be filled in, yard markers removed and the goals folded up and shifted to another site leaving little or no lasting impact on the land.

Strong public interest

This is the first time in 500 years there has been a radical change in the shape of the golf ball and the game of GolfCross® is the first serious alternative way of playing golf. Since the launch of GolfCross®in May 2001 there has been great interest by golfers who want to try out the new ball and the new game. The feedback we are receiving is that as the ball is more controllable than the round ball and the target goal is much larger than the golf-hole, it therefore encourages and rewards risk taking, making it an exciting, fun and less frustrating alternative to golf. It will also have much appeal to tourists, as they will be able to have a unique innovative golfing experience in spectacular scenic locations.

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